Monday, July 16, 2012

Instagram Week- One

Happy Monday ya'll! I am feeling super focused and excited for this coming week of wedding errands. Feeling real good, my friends! When it comes to planning a party I become a micromanaging piece of work, let me tell you... but honestly I have to just keep reminding myself to keep my cool and enjoy the ride. Thankfully only our immediate family is attending which is less then 10 (hallelujah!!) so it makes for a very special but small evening. The heaviest planning that papa and I are doing is getting our backyard to proper shape for the ceremony which entails gardening and flower planting. I have been wanting to get around to this since moving into our home last year so I am super excited to be having this done now. Today Miles and I are planning on doing some major plant shopping and dress hunting. Wish us luck!

 Love this kiddo soo much!

 Car was stuffed with flowers and garage sale finds- Good Saturday in my book!

You can't beat a weekend bbq with your friends.

FIRST night out without the menfolk! Great company and drinks with ma girlfriend.

 A sweet little find.

 Got these two a little something something...

 Papa and babe were stoked! This book is seriously too cute.

Hey nakey!

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  1. Sweet little find is indeed sweet, one of my grandmas had all the dishware in that print. One of my favorites.