Thursday, April 5, 2012

Past few days

Hi, How are things? We're pretty swell here. How sweet is this photo of Mr. Miles? He has learned so much in the past month, I still cant believe he'll be four months in a few weeks. This baby boy makes me swoon! He really is such an incredible person and I couldn't imagine trading these special days for anything else in the world. Isn't being a mama the greatest? Miles is such an easy breezy boy too. He's laughing and smiling constantly now, sleeps almost through the night and wakes up around 10 in the morning (no joke!), eats like a pig, rarely fusses and loves smothering kisses. Sorry to brag! Its hard not to with such a mellow boy. We seriously count our lucky stars that we have it so easy with him. Watch out baby #2, your going to be a damn spit fire!
The weather here in Portland has been a drag. Most days Miles and I just hang at home or run out to a few near thrift shops to keep busy. Ive been wanting a solid project to do around the house and our bedroom is just the right place to start. I want to change the entire room with new lighting, art, color and furniture and I'm sure this will keep me entertained for months. Right now the room is too dark. The walls are a dark teal and burnt orange with big hanging red lanterns that unfortunately drown out the wonderful window light we have. Since I spend 90 percent of my day indoors because of the weather, I figured it was due time to give the bedroom a lighter look in anticipation for summer. I feel in love with the color scheme in this room and I think that If I paint the majority of the space mint green and use a rusty orange color on one wall that I could achieve a look similar to this but brighter. Ive been on the hunt for cool prints and maps on Etsy that I'll mix and match with framed photos of my family. Check out these awesome wood prints! Ill keep you posted on the room updates. 
What do you guys do to keep yourselves busy? I thrift a lot for the antique space and do crafts around the house. We go to the library and probably to Target way too often. Do you have any secrets of being a stay at home mom and not going entirely stir crazy with lackluster weather? I recently picked up a Sunday lunch shift at the restaurant to get out of the house without the babes and so that Papa and him can have an entire day together. It felt really good to make a little extra money and see my old friend plus Steve brought Miles by so I could feed him (so easy and awesome!) but happily its just one day a week. I still missed my little friend.

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