Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Giveaway!!

Hi friends! So this is my very first giveaway around here and I thought what better way to start it off then by giving one of my lovely readers a dreamy necklace from my shop Midnight Riders! All you have to do to enter is follow us on Bloglovin and leave a comment telling me you did so with your email address included and Ill randomly pick a winner by next Friday. Yay, Good luck everyone!

This little beauty is an English sparrow skull made from solid metal used from bullet casings which is melted down to make recycled brass.


  1. what a beauty! thank you so much for the chance:)
    i am your 20th bloglovin' follower: balintnati(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. LOVE IT!

    xo em

    p.s when will we see a giveaway form your etsy store??!! I wnat some of taht action!

  3. so so beautiful!

    i don't use bloglovin' but please rest assured that you are in my google reader and i love when i see you've updated (hope you'll consider this as a dedicated follower).

    emily at adenverhomecompanion dot com

  4. I'm now following you on bloglovin! I saw this on your Etsy page and was DYING over it! Ah, I want it so bad!!!

  5. This necklace kicks all kinds of ass!

    Following on Bloglovin now (Not sure why I wasn't? Thought I was...)

  6. This is soo awesome!!

    Following on bloglovin as Jara Gabrielle

  7. oh that is so pretty!