Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sunny Sky

Hey ya'll! Wow, five whole days away from the internet (except for Facebook on my phone) since Ive been on our vacation. We have been a busy bunch since we arrived to my mama's home southern California. The weather has been divine and we are absorbing every bit of sunshine before we head back to rain. Poor papa had to fly back to Portland today to return to work but M and I get a whole extra week here with family. Hey, I bought a Nook Tablet tonight! I am super excited to use it while nursing baby boo in bed and on our upcoming flight. Ill share some photos of our trip within the next few days. Oh and guess who's teething?


  1. I would love to see you while you are in town and meet your little bundle! Let me know if you have any free time. xo

  2. Hey! I am super busy with family but id really love to see you and your baby love too. Ill let you know when we get a little free time in.

  3. love your blog! your design is so cute...sorta got me to thinkn i need to add my hubby in my blog a little more. added your button in my side bar :)