Tuesday, March 13, 2012

San Diego to Portland!

And we're back! Damn, there really is no place like home.. Visiting my family in Southern California was so special but 12 days was a little too long to be away from home with a 3 month old. My most favorite moments of our trip were spending time with my sister and her girls. I'm beginning to understand how much patience and strength it takes to be a good mother and I strongly praise her ability to do both so well. 
We flew in to Portland last night and as we were entering the city we went through some very nasty rain clouds that caused serious turbulence. Thank god Miles was sleeping because I was holding on to his fat legs for dear life. For a good 20 minutes the plane consistently swayed back and forth and up and down making our stomach do a dance. When the airplane would do a little dip the passengers would let out a scared "Wooooah" and then laugh nervously in embarrassment. I'm pretty sure everyone sprinted off the plane as fast as they could. But besides the freaky landing Miles did really great!
Miles picked up a few new things while we were away: smiles all the time, laughs a lot too, weighs close to a whopping 15 pounds, when sitting upright he can hold his head up on his own (a little wobbly)  and is teething. Go baby go!


  1. OMG those cheeks are absolutley edible!

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  3. oh man, i would not have coped with the flight. too frightening!

    Enjoy being home in your own space

    xo em