Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Red Head

 So I took a few days off from the computer and it felt exceptionally great but I'm back and working on a new layout for the blog. Since our return from California, Portland hasn't been exactly doing it for me as far as the weather goes. So to restrain myself from going cray cray Ive come up with a few projects to keep me busy this week 1 2 (the first dresser) and  3. I'm going to be doing a super rad giveaway next week. Ive never done one before, what do you think?
Does anyone have any cleaver smoothie recipes or sites they love?

 Look at my sweet boys swirly ginger hair. Swoon!


  1. Aw!! His hair color looks exactly like Audrey's! I love it. I hope her hair stays red.

  2. ooh, i love a good giveaway ;)

    the red hair is darling. ramona bean isn't quite a ginger but certainly has some strawberry blonde going on.