Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Friday

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Fridays are usually spent listening to records, pricing new merchandise for the store and leaving the house as little as possible. During the week days I'm running errands, starting craft projects and biting off more then I can chew. Weekends are for papa time and those are the best days ever. We like to go out for breakfast, maybe a garage sale or two, swing by the antique mall, spend lots of time smooching up our boy and try our hardest to stay up late. But Friday is my favorite day! There is some serious lazy time going on at our home this day. All of my errands are usually ran for the week so that baby and I can watch all the stupid sitcoms we want, dance to ZZ Top in our pajamas all day and take our time enjoying pesto, blue cheese and prosciutto grilled deliciousness!

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