Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Truth

Today was one of those extra difficult, highly sensitive days. Damn! Thankfully taking a shower and listening to good records finally helped subdued my negative sassy pants. I have five DAYS until my due date and am having an exceptionally hard time dealing with even one more day of pregnancy. Very very soon I will be receiving the most spectacular gift I could ever ask for and my heart is literally swollen with excitement and love at just the mere thought of my son BUT In my last efforts of selfishness I want to get a couple not so fun truths off my chest.
  • Today I woke up and noticed a few (small) stretchmarks on my stomach and just about died! I have been blessed to stay absolutely stretch mark free for 9 months until this very moment. Ok Ok, Really no biggie but why right now? No!
  • My hair is killing me! Since I have years of color damage, I try to take the best care of my hair and its behavior. However since becoming pregnant my poor locks have become unpleasantly oily and temperamental. Its driving me crazy! And now I'm starting to get a small area of dandruff on my crown. Awesome!
  • I feel useless. My stomach is so large, I can barely move without causing discomfort. Getting in and out of the car is difficult, sitting on the floor is impossible, walking (waddling) is exhausting and most of the time impossible due to back labor... God, the list goes on! Oh and picking things off the ground is overrated. Steve comes home to pens, bobby pins, makeup and whatever else my slippery mitts cant hold on to sprawled through out the house for him to pick up. Even when shopping Ive learned to just quietly walk away from any fallen items. Useless! 
  • I CANT WAIT to wear normal clothes again. I am so excited!! I only fit comfortably in one pair of black leggings, a few black tops and a black slip dress. I cant wait to introduce blouses, jeans and amazing shoes back into my life!
 The list goes on but I better stop here. 
I'm just having a difficult last stretch of pregnancy and lord knows I am not alone. I just need to remind myself daily that Miles is so so close to being here and that I am extremely thankful to have such a sweet man on my side with bountiful amounts of love and encouragement for the days when I'm lacking my own.


  1. You are definitely not alone. I felt the same exact way towards the end of my pregnancies and probably did way more complaining than I should have. And stretch marks? they are a big deal! I hated getting them, but mine have faded quite a bit since having my kids. There's hope! :)

  2. Thanks so much, I needed to hear from another mama that Im not being crazy :)

  3. Hahaha you are SO not crazy, sounds like all mommies go through this. My hair has been really weird too, I wonder if it has something to do with the hormones. We are so close, who knows, maybe these guys will have the same birthday! Crazy. Much love xo.