Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thrifting Gems!

So...Still pregnant over here! Hey! 
My body has been really achy the past few days so Ive been hanging around the house glued to a heating pad and netflix. But today I got to break out for a few hours and do a little thrifting. I've been going a little stir crazy not being able to do my normal picking and it was high time I added new things to my antique mall space and swoop up a few items for Miles along the way.
And I must add a HUGE congratulations to my sweet friend Carli and her husband who had their baby boy tonight! Hell yes Carli girl!
Read On! for more finds

I scored these babies for $6 

Shoot, Too bad these booties aren't in my size!

 Moccasins always sell fast.

So excited for Miles to wear these Adidas next year!

I found some great vintage boy clothing for $1

 Cute pants!

I adore this jumper! I'm a sucker for stripes.

 My favorite find! This jacket is the best!

Flannels and cable knit sweaters are great necessity here in Portland... Even for little boys!

 I don't know who Barb is but she sure had one cute wallet!

 This bag is a keeper. I have a similar one that is unraveling so this will be a darling replacement.

 Woven tapestry bags are a great buy and quick to sell.

 Perfect paperweight!

 I love these salt and pepper owls. Just look at those big eyes!


  1. Amazing thrift finds! I love them all. I haven't found any good vintage boy clothing in a long while...you got some great treasures! :)

  2. I know!! I couldn't believe the selection of vintage children's clothes one thrift store had, Really affordable too!

  3. i love everything! but my faves are the cable knite sweater and the adidas sneaker, love!. hope mile's come soon :)