Monday, November 21, 2011

My Mama Monday

So for today's Mama Monday I wanted to show you this photo of my darling mother at 28 years old. Did you happen to see that bird on her arm? This may look bizarre but if you were to know this woman at all, you would definitely say that this is absolutely normal of her. My mom has always had an interest and love for birds so naturally our home had aviary's with large macaws and other bizarre birds making the neighbors (and us) insane from the noise. She extended her interest to study wild birds at UCLA and at one point was an importer of exotic birds to the Los Anegels Zoo. Having her as my mother has been extraordinary! 

Growing up our house was filled with cats and dogs running around and not to exclude the lizards, tortoises, rats, German hamsters, angora rabbits, birds, ducks, chickens and a peacock that one time... The animals only enhanced the unique childhood my sister and I had. My mom had a really magical way of making things special and memorable for us kids. Even now, although she has downsized dramatically, I receive text messages from her exclaiming the new animals she brought home. Recently there was a message about the four baby white button quails she got from a bird show and last week she sent me a photo of a rescued Chihuahua she is going to keep "temporally" along with another photo of a sweet baby tortoise she was gifted. I think what is funniest about all of this is that after all of the exposure to so many different pets growing up, my sister and I have chosen to only own cats!

Steve and I can't wait for Miles to meet his grandma! I'm so excited to hear about all of the kooky adventures hes going to have at nannie's house. 

Mom a few years ago with Angel (or maybe that's Paco?) and Penny

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