Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Big baby boy

I'm so excited to have my body back soon! My stomach is so uncomfortably massive that thinking about having to carry my little boo around for three more weeks makes me want to cry. I keep waking up in the middle of the night nervous that my water is going to break. Silly! But I cant help but feel anxious that baby M will be here any day and at any time. Its just wild to wrap my head around it!


  1. Oh girl, I so know what you mean. When I was carrying Audrey I was so intensely looking forward to having my body back.

    And I do. I had so many fears that I would become as big as a house and would never return to my "normal" self, but it did. All on it's own.

    Breastfeeding rules by the way. It burns major amounts of calories ;)

    Talia Christine

  2. Good! Ive gained almost 30 pounds and even just seeing that number on the scale freaks me out! I know Ill go back down to my normal size but it feels like forever ago. That should really be the last thing I'm worried about right now but its hard to forget about your weight when your carrying around a huge belly :)

  3. Oh I remember that feeling.. My baby boy is now seven weeks and it's so amazing to have them on the outside :) Hope your boy arrives a week early like mine, it's such a great present! All the best - Miss Kettie