Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This & That

Camp Wolf is pretty much consuming my brain these days and as it should be because we are set to launch in a matter of WEEKS! Cristin and I have been working our buns off to make this happen. It's pretty surreal that a tiny dream is now becoming a really exciting reality! Besides CW business, I have been day dreaming of Autumn, cool weather, layers of clothes and fun holidays. Is that crazy to be wishing for these things when we have that weather pretty much 9 months out of the year here in Portland!? With thoughts of fall comes the reality that my little pal's second birthday is in four months and I know that time is going to FLY by. Lately, we've been working on Miles' room, making it geared more towards him and less about my office/storage space. We recently got a big boy bed for him and even though we still plan on co-sleeping, we wanted to introduce him to naps on it to eventually make the transition easier. I'm so excited about painting his walls and adding new art and shelves! I'll be posting a DIY tutorial of felt pennants I made for his walls soon. I haven't been working on too many crafts lately so having to re-due his room is an excellent excuse to surf Pinterest for fun, affordable room ideas.

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