Saturday, July 13, 2013

One the road- day one, two, three

On the road according to my sister Clair...
Day 1. Got out by 8 am, 6 was our projected time of departure-this will be par for the trip Our destination: Zion, Utah. Majestic canyons, brilliant colors.  We strapped on our tennies for hiking, lathered up the sunscreen, threw the kids in the stroller and hiked.... To the tour bus. It was hot and my mom forgot her anti-depressants, those we fondly call her psych meds. She was charming, the kids were fussy, the bus was cramped and hot. Once we got the kids out and let them play in the grass we were able to take in the sights around us.  Zion is amazing, the colors are breathtaking.  They are just better seen in cooler weather, with fewer children. 
 Day 2. Colorado. Went thrifting and garage saling in Grand Junction.  Score of the day: $5 quilts and a pair of bitchin' retro cat eye glasses. Arrived in Boulder towards dusk, hungry and tired.  We found our salvation at a pub on Pearl St, called Old Chicago. Kids were able to play, we were able to get a great meal and tasty beer, which I probably should not have drank, cause I'm a cheap date. We headed back to the Best Western, which if you haven't stayed there, you probably should.  Beautiful little hotel, comfy beds and free yummy breakfast.  On a side note, mom got her psycho meds in Grand Junction. We were all relieved.
Day 3. From Boulder, we headed on to Denver.  We took a side stop in Glennwood Springs.  One of those towns with a sweet old downtown and a million dollar resort in the mountains. Denver was too big a city for us to stop, so we drove around the downtown area and were wowed by the buildings, both old and new. Back to the open roads, headed to Kansas, when what did we spot?  A Goodwill outlet!  The kind with the bins that you wade through. Unlike my sister, I had never been to one before. All though I wished I had gloves, the experience on a whole was worth it.  Now, this next sentence is important, listen up.  My mom found a fur coat. At a Goodwill. In a bin. In Denver. Enough said. (She is asking me to clarify, it is a FULL LENGTH fur coat.) So now this brings us to Kansas. Sweet Kansas, you are an odd state.  We stopped in the first town we came to in hopes of finding a restaurant, or a hotel, or civilization in general. It was late and we did not succeed. What we did find, however, was an 80 ft easel with Van Gogh Sunflowers  painting. No, you read that right.  80 feet of wonder standing in a field illuminated by spotlights.  Our country is great indeed! Despite our fatigue, we pressed on to the next town, Colby. There we feasted on Sonic burgers and rested our weary heads.

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