Thursday, May 23, 2013

17 months old!

My little pal turned 17 months old last week which means he's less then a month away from being a year and a half. Crazy! It's funny how its was a huge countdown to the day he turned a year old and ever since then the months have been flying by. His age right now is so amazing and frightening all at the same time. I love how well we communicate with each other lately but I know not being able to vocalize his feelings has been the root of most frustrations. He doesn't know too many words yet but points and gestures to everything he needs which is extremely helpful for the both of us. He understands my commands and has become a really great helper too. Miles feeds the cats every morning and it is the cutest thing to watch! He scoops the cat food into a cup, walks from the kitchen down a step into our mud room, dumps the food into their bowl and drops the cup back into the bag. I'm so proud, seriously! Last month we were dealing with throwing and hitting which was definitely something we have worked hard to consistently stop. He still throws tantrums but I think he's at the age where fits are common and I'm learning ways to calm him down versus becoming upset. Being outdoors helps a lot with getting some of that crazy energy out so I'm really looking forward to summer. I'm also really excited for an upcoming road trip we are taking with my mom, sister and her three girls. I can't wait to see him bond with his cousins and learn a thing or two from them on the road. When we get back from our trip I have plans to add a toddler bed in his room and make it a better play area for him. I'm also going to start weening him from nursing which I know will be a effing doozy but I'm looking forward to sleeping better through the night without breastfeeding. All in all, 17 months with this kiddo in our lives has been pretty damn amazing and it's been incredible watching this little boy grow! Miles has such a huge heart and I just know he's going to grow up to be a really special person.

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