Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend scores!

 Between the rainy weather and Steve working all weekend, Miles and I took the opportunity to venture out of town to some of our favorite thrift spots and I think we did pretty awesome!

 In LOVE with this toddler jacket for Miles next year!
 So happy with the color and price of these Converse. Miles is a lucky kid!
 Really cool 1980's Fisher Price Discovery Map that shows rotating photos of the states capitols, scenery, person, fun fact 1&2!


  1. Oh my gosh. Love everything.
    You always find the best stuff!

    1. Thanks lady, you're one to talk! You are a thrifting pro!

  2. Thift envy over here. Danny and I were just talkin about how hard it is to find awesome boots at our thrift shops... p.s. I'm a size 7 ;)

  3. wow! amazing goodies you found! congrats! :) love the tiny converse! so cool! :) will look good on your boy! P