Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sewing and stuff

 My girlfriend Valerie helped brush me up on my pathetic sewing skills I learned in High School over the weekend. I bought amazing Pendleton fabric last month and have been super eager to use it and now I finally had the chance to have some fun with Miles' clothes. By the way, sewing with a sewing machine is AWESOME! Seriously, why have I been torturing myself with hand sewing everything!? I even got around to making these five minute leggings I've been wanting to do for a while which turned out pretty stinking cute but pretty damn amateur! I'm really excited to learn more about using a machine and I could definitely use the practice on doing a cleaner job but for now I'm having so much fun and am loving the way these patches turned out.

The leggings turned out cute, right?
 At first I wasn't too crazy about this Pendleton print but as soon as I put it on his jacket I feel in love.
I wish I would have centered it better but nonetheless it turned out really cool.
The Electrik Kids giveaway winner is Donna. Thank you everyone who entered!


  1. hah! they look really good! well done you! :)
    I used to sew as well..such a long time ago. My mum's very good at it! :)
    Wish one day to get a sewing machine myself and do it again! :) that's is so cool! right?! The feeling that you made clothes yourself..

    1. I totally agree! I was SO excited to make something fun for Miles and it was way easier then hand sewing thats for sure!