Thursday, April 4, 2013

About damn DIY time

 Well, it's been a good few months since I posted a new DIY so I thought it was about damn time I shared this fun makeover on one of Miles' hats! One of the many perks of being in Portland is living near the Pendleton Woolen Mill store where they sell AMAZING Pendleton fabric by the yard. Thank God Miles was throwing a fit because I could have stayed there for hours drooling! Well that and the $60-80 a yard price helped me not be too impulsive. Anyways, I did manage to leave there with a few quarter pieces of beautiful fabric for upcoming projects and one being a fun hat makeover for Miles. 
fabric of your choice
 hat (I got his on sale at H&M $3!)
sewing pins
needle + thread
1. Line your fabric as perfect as you can to the hat and pin it in place. Be sure to fold half an inch of the fabric under before pinning so that you have a clean line.
2. Because the top of the hat is round you wont be able to sew the fabric down smooth (make sense?) So I had to cut, fold and then sew until it looked right. I know that's vague but once you're to that point you'll know what I mean.
3. Once you're done sewing, take your pins our and your finished! 


  1. Where did you learn to be so crafty? You are one smart in fortune cookie!!
    Keep up the good work daughter dear. love Mom