Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miles' first birthday party

 Miles' birthday party was terrific! Unfortunately, a lot of the photos from the party were either blurry or super bright from the flash so I'm sharing the best from our evening. Miles was such a sweet boy the whole day and enjoyed all of the love and gifts from our friends who joined the party.
 Adorable, right!?
  The desserts were amazing and huge thanks to my sweet friend Melanie who baked her buns off the night before for us. I can't bake and that's a fact so she really helped this mama out!
 I followed this really easy tutorial on how to make these woodland animal party bags and they turned out great!
 Joanns was my go to for most of the decorations, plus I'm cheap and they always have coupons and sales. The cupcake garland was really easy to make. All I needed was twine, colored cardstock, sticker letters and some baby free time and there you have it, personalized bunting!
Since we were going for a woodland theme I thought it would be cool to incorporate slices of wood to the table. Thanks to my dear ol' husband for being resourceful and cutting up branches we found in our alleyway. For the centerpiece "M" I used moss cloth that I cut to size and hot glued to the cardboard letter.
 Birthday boy!
  He had fallen off his chair right before we sang to him so he was pretty adamant about being held instead of playing with his cake. He did look pretty darn cute wearing his cowboy hat with frosting on his nose though :)
 Miles took some good shots at his pinata!
The damn thing was so hard to break that eventually we just had the kids jump on it till they got to the candy.
 Pooped out!!


  1. That looks like the sweetest party! I love the woodland theme. You did such a great job on the decorations and those baked goods...yum!

  2. What a darling first birthday! Looks so much fun!

  3. What an awesome party! I'm so sad i couldn't be there :( I have to tell you, that cake is beyong adorable! I absolutely love it! Looks like the little butter ball had lots of fun! Hehe

  4. awww.. the last photo is so cute!
    Great Family you are! :)