Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Goals and earrings

First off, Happy December! It's pretty hard to be a grump during the holiday season and lucky for me I have two wonderful celebrations this month, my boys birthday and of course Christmas! This mama is busting her chops trying to get birthday/holiday presents, party planning, holiday photos and festivities and lots of post office trips in before the month is over. Considering that I'm pretty non-stop at the moment, I thought it would be a wise idea to set a few solid goals for myself to help keep me on track.
1. Start getting more involved in playgroups/ kiddo activities for Miles. Sometimes I get really wrapped up in daily errands and house chores and neglect the fact that Miles does need interaction with other children close to his age and other stimulation then hanging at home with his ma. And you know what? I could really use some time with other mamas as well, so this is something that is really top on my list.
2. Finish planning his party! As much as I love crafting and going to Michaels art store a few times a week, I still am pretty ready to wrap it up. 
3. Edit and send out Christmas cards, like soon. Our lovely friend Jenna (who photographed our wedding!) took awesome family photos of us this weekend and from the sneak peek I saw, I think they're going to be absolutely wonderful.
4. Start Christmas shopping. Well, more like present making but I feel a little behind considering I need to ship the majority of my families Christmas gifts. Luckily, I'm pretty good about shopping (mostly thrifting) for Papa and Miles year round, so their pretty much done but I still need to finish up my nieces gifts.
5. Help Steve find more work. His second job just ended so now it's time to pick up the pace of finding more carpentry/welding work for him. It's always a little hard having a one income household but it's even a little more scarier when that one income isn't very high. Fortunately, I have my Etsy shop and antique space to cover the odds and ends when work is a little slow for Steve. Within the next few weeks I really need to focus on helping him network his business and most importantly be a great supporter of his.
6. More "me" time! Gosh, Isn't that everyone's goal!? Really though, this is something I forget about a lot and before you know it I have a meltdown and cry a lot. Haha, it's so true though. It definitely takes a toll on me taking care of people 24/7 without taking care of myself (all you mamas hear me!)  Besides having alone time late at night when everyone's asleep, I really do need to leave Miles with Steve and spend a few hours doing something that makes me happy besides being Miles' mama. I really want to take cooking lessons so that's another goal I want to accomplish. Or even the movies! Dang, going to see a movie alone sounds pretty freaking perfect!
7. Aside from needing me time, I also need friend time. I want to hang out with more moms and I really want to find friends that I share common interests with. I hope that with doing more community activities with Miles that I will meet other cool parents in the city. I think with the combination of that and picking up a new hobby I am bound to meet some pretty awesome people.
So maybe a few of these goals will take longer then December to reach but ya know at least there out here to help keep me in check! By the way, I have finally added new jewelry to Midnight Riders. I am really excited about my new pieces and hope you are too! It would be super rad if you helped spread the word of my jewelry by pinning, blogging or gifting to a friend. And because I love you so, enjoy 15% off your purchase!
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