Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Instagram lately

Howdy friends! Miles and I took a trip on Sunday to Las Vegas to visit my sister for ten days! So far we are having a terrific time with my family but are sure missing dad already. Its pretty awesome to see Miles and my nieces play together now that hes getting bigger but boy, he sure is being a sensitive kid right now. I'm guessing it's because of the new environment and of course he's missing papa :) I have a few posts lined up for the next week and a half but join me over on Instagram at milesmama for more photos.
 Finnnnally made this cute banner I came across on Pinterest. Really sweet! 
 Greetings from Las Vegas!
 Spending extra time with papa before we left town.

 I picked up these super fun girl leggings at Walmart for my kiddo. Papa says they look like Van Halen pants, hehe!
 Double the trouble :)
 Sneaky baby.
Poor babe was feeling pretty crummy that day.
 Huge sale on all recycled bullet necklaces in the shop!
Such a goof! 

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