Thursday, September 27, 2012

My thrifting loot!

 Hey yo, this is the second Kaj Franck heart enamel bowl that I have found while thrifting! Such a fun score!
 I love these pretty pretties! They have the sweetest wedge too.
 Oooh, I really want to keep this one!!
 Sweet puzzle for the little.
 I'm a sucker for bright, woven belts!
 This little fella's bottom opens for either a candle or incense.
These babies are going straight to the mall space. Boo! Two sizes too small!


  1. What great finds!! I always come away from a good thrift find wanting to thank the person who let go of those lovely treasures.

  2. omg im looking for a Kaj bowl !!!! if you ever find one that you would like to sell let me know.
    NEED!! LOL

    1. Heheh, Its pretty awesome!! I know, I can't believe Ive found two!! If I find another, its yours :)