Friday, September 21, 2012

A few of my favorite things

miles mama fall

Hey y'all, We've been a couple of sickies in our home this week so in an attempt to try and be productive around here I figured I'd share some of my favorite goodies online. I'm way too lazy right now to link the items but click the photo for the sites. By the way, how dreamy are those cranberry booties!
So Miles has his first cold. Nothing too bad, just a really runny noes and sneezing. Boy, our NoseFrida saved our butts! We haven't really had the opportunity to try it out until now and I've got to tell ya, this thing rules! Miles really hates it but it totally works way better then the nose "squeegy" aspirator and really easy to clean. Baby has definitely been super needy this week so not much has gotten done except movies, snuggles and a quick pop in to our neighborhood thrift store. No complaints from me! 


  1. Grace is still on her 5th or so day of her 2nd cold! She got sick when she was 2 months old when Daddy got walking pneumonia. :( Luckily that time she was only sick about 2 days. This time around, I'm constantly getting out the little nose sucker ball, but this NoseFrida looks SO much more effective!! Poor thing, I feel like I'm traumatizing her with the nose sucking. I gotta go into Dr. Momma mode to get the job done!

    Also, we LOVE our Zoku Pop maker. We bought it last year for our anniversary, before we knew about the little one too! I'm curious what recipes you've made or recommend! We're starting solids this week. :D

    1. Aww, poor baby girl! The NoseFrida has been a life savor for when he nurses. Miies really hates it but its fast and gets the job done. I would definitely try it out! I haven't tried the Zoku pop maker yet but I am super excited to try it out! Yay, on starting solids! Its so easy feeding Miles the same food that we eat. Let me know how it goes!