Friday, August 10, 2012

Views on a Thursday night

Our home is extra peaceful tonight. I don't know if its because over the last few weeks our house has been filled with family and noise but whatever the reason is I sure am loving this place right now. Miles went to bed tonight around 8 which is earlier then usual so I just sat with him in bed and read my book while nursing a headache. Papa was at a friends house catching up with his buddies so I took the opportunity to just lay still next to my sleeping son and enjoy the silence. Usually once Miles goes to sleep I seize the moment by cleaning up the home, finish left craft projects or catch up on emails but tonight I really just wanted to be still. The wee one woke up around 12 AM with a burst of energy ready to p-a-r-t-y! He was such a goof. I swear this kiddo laughs at everything! So for about 30 minutes Miles and I cruised around our home snacking on carrots and baby pinwheel crackers till he fell asleep in my arms. Man, do I love being a mom! At the ripe old age of almost 8 months old (!!!) Miles is just a super happy, growing, beautiful boy who REALLY makes me a complete person.
Its been a little over a week since Steve and I got married! FUN! Ive got to tell you that the planning and preparing was not so fun. Both our families arrived a few days before the celebration to help improve our backyard for the party. They were all such wonderful help not to mention the company was great! Ive got to say that in situations like these I become a complete freak with details. It can be a little daunting when your the only one out of everyone who sweats the little stuff. The reverend was scheduled to arrive at our home at 5:45 to marry us at 6 so Steve and I left our home 30 minutes before the ceremony to take photos in our neighborhood. After the photos we headed back home and ended up waiting around for what seemed like FOREVER. I called the reverend 6 times to find out what the hell was going on because truthfully at this point I was starting to seriously worry/panic/freak out- still no answer. I felt  heartbroken! Why was this woman doing this to us!? We had worked so hard on writing such a beautiful ceremony and our backyard looked perfect and our families were here and we were all dressed up... I wasn't really sure what to do. She was over an hour late. In a normal day one hour goes by fairly fast but on your wedding day to be one hour late feels like eternity! Im sure I was a total wreck during those moments because its pretty much a blur to me. I know we took family photos during that time and eventually my mom ushered me into my room for some alone time with Miles while I fed him (that actually helped my nerves). When the reverend finally arrived she apologetically told us that she had the times misunderstood and that her phone wasnt working. Still that was lame. I wasn't happy and my mom was furious but thankfully she was here now and we were just so excited to finally get married. During the waiting time, our photographer-friend told us that her husband (whom Steve is good friends with) was ordained and would be willing to come down and marry us if needed. Hell yes! He was awesome and arrived super fast with their sweet daughter in tow. What a good friend indeed! Even though he didn't end up marrying us, it was still so cool to have our friends join us for the party.
    Besides the waiting, the rest of the evening was an absolute dream and the ceremony was beautiful thanks to my darling husband, loving family and supportive friends.

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