Sunday, August 12, 2012

Saturday night feels alright!

 (Bubbie keeping me company at our yard sale a few weeks ago.)

Dudes, I didn't really do anything today and it pretty much ruled! Papa works on Saturdays (boo, hiss!) so Miles and I were left to fend for ourselves all day. We leisurely ate breakfast, watched a super awesome documentary on Netflix about the banjo (Steve Martin narrates!) and then took a two and a half hour nap with my boy. Such a good lazy morning I tell ya! Finally around two o'clock we bravely headed for the mall to check out some shoes for Miles. The mall was a zoo. Seriously, people are crazy there! We went to Nordstroms to see what size he even was now and we realized he was just a wee bit too small for most of their solid sole shoes but I did like the way Tiny Toms fit him. See my kiddo has fatty fat feet and for the record he did not get that from me. I have to squeeze them into most moccasins and even that is just too torturous for me to do so I was hopeful to find a brand that would work best with his cute fatty fat feet. Anyways, we jetted pretty fast out of the mall and headed to a thrift spot we like and made a sweeping victory in finds. Hooray! After that we headed home for some time outside on the hammock untill papa came home from work. Pretty much the rest of the evening was spent having dinner in our backyard and good laughs were had as a family. Steve pooped out pretty early tonight and Miles lingered on till about ten thirty-ish so now this mama gets a little mama time. Im enjoying sparkley berry lemonade in bed, listening to Nina Simone and window shopping online. My kind of night!
Yum, yum, yum!
Sweet blog I recently found. 
Kids neon toes and green kicks.
FUN for your feet!
I really need to do this to our shades.
Mandy is a stitch!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful day!! I'm so glad you posted a link to a new blog. It's so cute and I love finding new ones like that!

  2. Pedi ped shoes might fit his little chunky feet.

  3. that blog you linked to is so so cute. thanks for sharing!