Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Instagram weeks

I took Miles on a movie date the other day! We went to a "Mommy Matinee" at Mcmenamins Kennedy School where families are welcome to bring their wee ones to the theater once a week. It was a little hard. Miles fussed toward the end so we left a little early but we DID it and you really cant beat the cool AC and a slice of normality for $3!
(Im a few weeks behind on Instagram updates)

Getting ready for a snooze.

 Afternoon naps are our jam! 
 Sweetest photo of my precious niece and Miles. This girl is the greatest! She is such a loving a kind person and not to mention and huge help to my sister. Shes a peach!

 My boy sure is fast these days. He perfected doing the worm/crawl as his mode of transportation and hes real good at it!


Miles got a new tooth a few days ago- a total of seven now!!

 Missing my girls! Im planning to take a trip to visit my sister and girls in Las Vegas at the end of September. This last visit was a little crazy with the wedding planning and all so it will be nice to spend mellow time at her home. I cant wait to see these faces!

 I could spend hours walking around our local nursery geeking out on the most amazing plants.

 It has been one year since I opened a space at the antique mall. I love love love picking, selling and taking my kiddo along with. 

Making a toast at our wedding. Also, I do believe that we are getting our wedding photos tomorrow! Eeep, CAN'T wait to share them!

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