Friday, June 1, 2012

Instagram Week

Where the heck are the days going!? May- you were a fun month! I visited my lovely sister and kiddos in Las Vegas, Miles grew and grew and grew, Papa started a new job and the sun began to shine here in Portland. Other cool things happened too like itty bitty baby teeth (yahoo!!) and lots of killer thrifting trips. I also celebrated my very first Mother's Day which was super special for me!
Here are some Insta-photos I snapped this week.
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 Special baby-mama moments.

 Thrifted baby T and beaded belt for Miles.


 On my way to have my hair colored-no big changes just a little touch up.

Two new pairs of baby Minnetonka moccasins for you know who. We are huge fans!

My boys got a big ol' head!


  1. Oh Miles, what a beautiful child. That first Mother's Day is always so special. I celebrated my second this year and it's just keeps getting better.

  2. your hair looks beautiful! and miles looks so incredibly cute! loove his little skateboard pants :)