Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sunny Seat

This sweetheart of a chair was free free free! Pretty sweet, right? We have a makeshift "dining room" table right now and truth be told it's actually my work station when pricing and cleaning thrift finds for the store. Our home is really tiny so to having a work station and a kitchen room table isn't too realistic in our dining/living room space, so when we eat I put a table cloth on it and when I work the cloth comes off. Ughh, I actually really dislike this new dance we have to do when eating so I'm thinking about getting a desk or using that table and stationing it in Miles room (which rarely is used) and find a larger kitchen table just for dining. That is a way better plan! Anyways, Ive been searching for neat mix matched chairs for our soon to be bigger table and I was so delighted to find this happy looking yellow and chrome chair free sitting by the sidewalk near my home. Rad!

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  1. I've always loved these chairs! Great score. xo