Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekly finds

Hi all, Check out yesterdays thrifting loot! 
I was thinking about opening a second Etsy store for my vintage finds. I had one before but once I took the space at the antique mall I decided to only have an online shop for my jewelry. Right now the mall space is jam packed with goodness and I figured I would extend my sales to everyone out there in the internet world by starting a new shop. What do you think about that? It may be a week or so before its up and running but I wanted to give you friends a heads up. 
Hey by the way, have an excellent Easter!

 Sweet owl planter!

 Funny eyed salt and pepper shakers

 Cool twisty wood toy for Miles

 Sweater for a little boy I know whose name starts with an M..
 I LOVE this awesome southwestern print vest. Too big to keep. Boo!
 Cute red sneaks for baby.
 This isn't the best shot of these boots but they really are good scores. They fit great too so I may just have to keep them for myself!

 I was shocked at how great of shape these older 9 West boots were. The original price tag was still on the bottom for $95.99 and I unbelievably scooped them up at a yard sale for $2! Go mama go!

 Got to love these sweet Saltwater Sandals! These will be perfect for the summer time.

 Oh isn't this shade wonderful!? I received it in the mail yesterday from an Etsy shop and I can't wait to use it in our room once its finished. It is going to look great with the mint colored walls.

We have a huge Pack N' Play in our bedroom right now that is being unused because a certain little boy sleeps in bed with us. The crib has a changing area attached to it that we use quite often so I figured we put the Pack N' Play in the basement until we are ready to use it and we get a changing table in exchange. Well what do you know, two days ago I found this special little fixer upper for $10! Its really darling and will look awesome in the new room.


  1. how do you do it? you really find the best stuff. people in denver must not know how to donate bc there is rarely such hauls at the thrift stores and yard sales here are a joke. boo.

    1. Ya Boo is right! I usually spend the day on the outskirts of Portland going to smaller thrift stores that are less picked over and the estate/yard sales here are killer. Also I go about 4-5 days a week to a good number of shops to make sure that I'm updated on new stock. Have you tried going to any outside of your town? Normally the little church shops are the best. They are unbelievably affordable compared to larger chains like Goodwill. Good luck and keep it up.