Saturday, April 21, 2012

Instagram Week

(clockwise from top left)
 1. Willow cat reeeelaxin.
2. Miles turned 4 months old that day... and he looked like a cholo.
3.Hi papa!!
4. Aww, my baby gnome loved being on the rocker by himself.
5. This is one of my most favorite photos. It makes my heart swell.
6. Papa and I like to spend time with Miles dancing around the house to our favorite records. 
7.Not a happy camper.
8. Last weekend was beautiful, the sun was out and so were we.
9. Our sweet friend Cheyenne is awesome with Miles. Him and his sweetheart are expecting a baby boy in July. We are over the moon in excitement!


  1. #5 is so sweet and #7 is cute and laughable :)

  2. hello, first off i wanna thank you so much for everything!! if you go on my blog now you will see jaylen wearing the sweater you sent for him. :) we loved everything.

    by the way what is your instagram name? mine is roxysworld come find me!! xoxo