Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First week on Instagram

(counter clock wise from bottom right)
1. Miles hanging out with me at the antique mall while I add new merchandise. He had fun flopping around!
2. My other ginger baby George.
  3. Sleeping on papas Slayer pillow.
4. Mama time
5. Delicious looking cheeks! 
6. Duh
7. Dude time in the workshop.
8. Miles LOVES the grass!! He was practicing rolling on his side.
9. My sweet sweet boy. I can't tell you how much I love his face!
10. FIRST time rolling over on Easter! Wow this was such a rad moment. It was so cute watching him try so hard and then all of a sudden he just flipped over like a pancake. Bam! Now he wont stop, its pretty awesome.
11. Working on this sweet needlepoint of our hand prints.
12. Whata sleepy babe!

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