Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blue jean baby

Isn't this patchwork quilt darling? Scooped this little gem up yesterday for one dollar! I can't wait for long naps in the sun this summer with my babes on it. Ive been pining over warm weather and beautiful gardens and today we were so lucky to have a full day of sun and NO rain. Hell yes! Miles, papa and I took full advantage of the dreamy weather and spent our evening outdoors bbqing and laughing our asses off. Life is good. 
Look at Miles sweet sweater from Emily over at The Beetle Shack! Thanks Em for the stripes and sweater, my favorites xoxo


  1. oh that cardi looks so sweet!!! and the stripes were awesome, very awesome!

    glad you liked them

    xo em

  2. Miles is precious! Love the cap, too!