Thursday, November 3, 2011


I've been too tired to write anything the last few days. I've been too tired to make jewelry (even though I really really need to be!)... I feel as if theres always something I need to be doing or some errand I need to be running. and I'm pretty sure it's kicking my ass! 

My Birthday was really lovely. Steve and I had the day off together so we took advantage and did very little but pile around watching movies and snacking on delicious food.

George, our ginger cat, had a cold last week and gave it to Willow, our older girl. Shes sneezing and sniffling and has sad little runny eyes. I was up with her all through the night petting her and touching her belly to make sure she was breathing alright. My emotions are a little wacky lately and in this particular case are making me very sad and heartbroken for my sick cat! Whaaaah!

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