Monday, November 28, 2011


My sweet man! He has been such a dream and I can't imagine going through this pregnancy with out him. I am so thankful for his unconditional love, support and the gift of our son! Cheers to many many years of friendship and love!

I am officially on maternity leave (!!!) and have the fine luxury of doing little to nothing except sitting on my yoga ball, taking naps and making jewelry. I have been having really unpleasant Braxton Hicks contractions the last few weeks so being able to stay home and relax has been great. Steve and I met with Miles pediatrician today and she is WONDERFUL! We are really excited to have her look after our boo's health. I also went to my weekly check up with my midwife, Holly, and she said things are looking great but his amniotic fluid looked a bit low. She said it could be a number of things that are not to worry about but just in case she scheduled another ultrasound for tomorrow morning. Holly said that if in fact it is low that I may have to be induced. Ehhh, damn, damn, damn! But Miles is looking and sounding healthy and that he is most certainly going to be a big boy. Phhhew! Ill have more to tell on this subject tomorrow.

Christmas tree is up and gift shopping is almost finished! Im not normally crazy with being this organized about the holidays however this year with a tiny new born in my life, I'm not so sure how easy running errands are going to be. Our tree is darling and we can usually find one of the cats napping under it during the day. So far no stray ornaments found around the house. Impressive, cats!


  1. You guys seem so sweet together! I hope everything works out and you don't have to be induced, but either way, at least your little man is healthy. :)

  2. Girl! How was the ultra sound? Are we going to have a baby this week? I'm sure the little man will be absolutely fine whether he comes today or in 3 weeks. Keep us posted I'm terribly anxious for you!