Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Easy Rider

So Im making a plan and trying my hardest to stick with it. Since Ive made the choice to cut back dramatically at work Im going to actually enjoy my time off. Instead of filling every day with errands and appointments till im absolutely pooped and cranky, Im going to really try and stay home more and work on jewelry. Obviously those million errands still need to be done however I am going to just take on a few every other day versus all at once. Im going to relax.  Did y'all catch that... RELAX! Going to try at least. And as for today, I will finally wash baby M's clothes, Go through our baby shower gifts, make jewelry (a must!) and hopefully a snooze and a movie in between!
In other news...
Christmas!! Holy smokes, I'm so excited for the holidays this year. My heart may be exceptionally swollen with festive cheer because I know Ill be spending it with my new main squeeze, a handsome little fella named Miles! Ive promised Steve that Ill wait till after Thanksgiving to put our tree up but that hasn't stopped me from sneaking in a few of my favorite classic Christmas albums. Wow, Am I really this nerdy? I can't help but feel all fuzzy and nostalgic of my childhood while listening to Nat King Cole, Dean Martin and Ella Fitzgerald. Gifts this year are going to very slim to nada so I thought Id like to (if time permitted) hand make cards or ornaments for Steve, my parents, sister and kiddos. 

Snowglobe Cards

Who the hell am I kidding! The only gift I have time to make this year is Miles. 

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