Thursday, October 20, 2011

Miles room

Here are photos of Miles' room. I have worked my ass off and am really excited about it! 
Lately Steve and I have been really stumped on Miles' middle name. We have tossed around a hundred traditional and bizarre names and nothing has really stuck for the both of us. I sort of fancy the two middle names idea so this was an even a bigger challenge to have to agree on two more names. After much discussion (and convincing) we decided to go with Waylon Wolf! I really really love it and Steve seems to like it too. So for now I think we are sticking with Miles Waylon Wolf... 


  1. YAY you started a blog! I clicked on your profile from where you commented on my latest post and I realized it was you and was so excited! I try to keep up with your FB but now I can check in here ;) Love Miles's room!

  2. Ya!! I know, Im so happy to have finally started my own blog! It may take a minute for me to get the hang of things around here but Im really excited to have a place to document Miles' growing up. You know all about that, Your baby love is getting so dang big! Its been so rad seeing her grow!